Diablo III Storyline Ideas

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    ok heres my idea, diablo 3 in mordern day, but its like 100 years after diablo resurfaced so like its not really modern. there would be like ruins of tall buildings and junkyards and stuff. as you start off the weapons would be crude and u could make them out of anything, and as you go from town to town you befreind poeple who can help you with your gear.

    i dunno just an idea
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    Interesting idea but what kind of weapons are you talking about? Metal pipes? I don't think Diablo would work in "modern day" times because its just a game and they don't have the same "world" as us.
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    Modern Day Diablo huh?

    Sounds an awful lot like Hellgate London.

    HERE is a link to that particular game
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    Ugh I'd hate a modern Diablo. Hellgate London looks okay but I wouldnt buy it.
    But again referring to what I said above - Diablo is set in a totally different "world" to ours. What is modern to us might not be modern to them. That sounds kinda stupid considering its only a computer game but I think you know what I mean.
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    On the edge of madness
    What if someone tries to revive all 3 of the prime evils to be some overpowering something or other. You could have a story where you are to try and stop this madman (maybe even the Hero from D1, gone mad) he succeeds and has the power of each Prime, but after he is slain, the three evils become whole and seperate enities.

    Basically then you would have to fight all 3 at the same time, to finish the game. Basically Uber Trist on crack.
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    Hmm one problem with that - the hero from D1 was the Dark Wanderer, who turned out to be Diablo, who you kinda killed =/. Besides that, I like the idea of killing all 3 at once.
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    On the edge of madness
    Ahhhhh .... a mere oversight. Nothing more. Chalk it up to insomnia, and bordom.
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    The problem is, that idea isn't really too concrete and rather, well, predictable - one might ask, "Why not bring in a nuke or something?" There is also the danger of it becoming like Grand Theft Auto or that PS2 game where you can use anything as a weapon...

    I think Diablo will stick with the fantasy storyline for now.*
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    you i think pale horse or whatever his name had a good idea on page 1. but i disagree with some of his open characterness. i think chooseing a class race and profession would be to much like WoW cuase i play WoW too and thought it was too comlpicated. I have one question, how many of you picked up and item called a scyth and saud WTF what do i use this for? well i figured it out. ive played guild wars recently and thought why not add a dervish like char to diablo 3 that would be totally awsome and i would use it. it could be a blend of barb and sorc and druid. he could summon assistent to help him/her and they could pown as a temporary tank for runs until the barb arrives or gets a tp to the location. another this is that i think it has to make a move in to the 3 dimensional mapping style. that would make diablo a number one seller!
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    Altair IV, pre-nano Plague
    Well, you have the Prime Evils now not capable of "manifesting in this world ever again." I'll interpret this to mean that the 3 Brothers have been utterly, irrevocably dissoluted, never to be reborn or reformed.

    Ok, assuming that's fixed and the 3 Brothers, where do we go from there?

    Well, what about the Hellstone? It was the main defensive artifact blocking the forces of the Sin War, from either side, to getting through to Sanctuary.

    So, with it destroyed, will we see the armies of the Sin War converging on our mortal plane with increasing ease? Or, are the demons and angels truly gone, and the remnants of this dark time have only to be killed and then Sanctuary will truly be at peace?

    I'd prefer the war spreading, and humanity tipping the scales somehow.


    The Worldstone has been destroyed, and the final barrier between Sanctuary and the Burning Hells and the High Heavens has been destroyed. The Game itself would take place some years after Diablo 2: LoD, though nothing more than say a decade, enough time for major changes to have swept the globe. All of the character classes from Diablo and Diablo 2: LoD would be available, aside from the Sorcerer from Diablo 1.

    The Story begins in Lut Gholein, which has suffered mightily. The aftermath of the Worldstone's destruction saw the collapse of the mountain and the destruction of Harrogath, though the citizenry of the city made it out in time mostly. Subsequent reports of demons appearing in remote areas, in impossible wildernesses and murky areas of Sanctuary begin to spread.

    Within several months of the Worldstone's destruction, demon armies come pouring out of the remote areas of the world and begin assaulting the areas inhabited by man. Kurast, still recovering from the devestation of the previous game, are wiped out irrevocably. The Order of Necromancers, centered in the tropical Kurasti regions, flee southward but remain on the continent, fighting a guerrilla movement, using undead armies under their control to assault critical demonic supplies and small forces.

    The Barbarian lands have been decimated. The once proud barbarian tribes have united under the banner of Chieftain U'Thul, the barbarian character from Diablo 2 who has successfully repelled the demon invaders. Time is running out, and for the three years post-Worldstone he has encouraged the Barbarian blacksmith to build and improve his idea of 'cannons.' Ten years later, the first gunpowder weapons have spread far and wide, their simple flintlock mechanisms and long range providing universal firepower against all kinds of demons. Various grades of cannons, from anti-personnel portable cannons to mighty bronze siege howitzers, have spread, providing military usage.

    However, for all of their advanced technical skills coming to light, the Barbarian culture and ways are on the verge of extinction. Too many people are dead, and the startling efficiency of gunpowder rifles and primitive shrapnel grenades are showing that the principle Barbarian virtues of Strength and physical prowess are fast proving redundant. In the process of losing their culture and ancient traditions, the Bariarians are exporting them along with their advanced weapons across Sanctuary.

    The western kingdoms have proven slightly better than Lut Gholein or Kurast. Westmarch has marshaled massive feudal levees, and has brought the surviving order of the Viszherei Clan of Sorcerers to providing anti-demonic magics and offensive spells. Westmarch, in the hands of King Ostromorn, a young talented aggressive leader, has embraced the opportunity to expand into the Barbarian realms, and if this means fighting the demons, so be it. They have shunned the use of the new "firepowder", preferring instead the marshal use of steel and arrow. Their arrogance has been caused by the not-so-long-ago victory over the forces of Khanduras and the mad king Leoric, but will soon be shattered.

    From the west, from a long-inaccessible island shrouded in mystery, comes a society of elite warriors ready to prove their worth. As the Worldstone shattered, an Angel plummeted to earth, and spoke to the island-nation of Sephiram off the western shores of Westmarch. Isolated for ages, with virtually no accessibility to the outside world, Sephiram developed a highly-complex, independent warrior culture. The island chain housed some of the most vicious beasts ever to live in Sanctuary, and in combating the forces of nature Sephiram has become devoted to the Way of the Sword. (OOC: their society is the ultimate amalgamation between the Spartsns of ancient Greece and the Samurai of ancient Japan)

    The Sephirami spoke to the Angel of Light in their capital city, which foretold of the coming chaos and urged order. Within two months, the sever perpetual storms that kept the Sephiram isolated dissipated heavily, and for the first time in recorded history the Sephiram could leave. Legions of troops left the shores of Sephiram to land on Westmarch, which allied with them to combat the demonic menace.

    Meanwhile the soldiers of shattered Khanduras, bereft of a king and their countryside annihilated and burned, roam the countryside as mercenaries for hire. In contrast to the victors of Westmarch, the former Warriors of Khanduras have embraced firearms, using any tactic or weapon necessary to achieve victory. They, too, see their main enemy as the demons, knowing now of the insanity of their king and the inevitability of their defeat.

    Lut Gholein has been under siege virtually since the Worldstone was destroyed. Armies of undead, possessed by demonic influence, lay siege to the city and cut off virtually all supplies. The only thing enabling the survival of Lut Gholein is their massive city fortifications, their large City Guard, a small but fanatical contingent of refugee Paladins from Kurast, and their wide accessible harbor, which has been forced to feed the population since the siege began.

    An Angel landed in Lut Gholein too, though, within a few months of the Worldstone shattering. In the grip of a horrible plague spreading from the city sewers, Arkas appeared in a beacon of Light from the Heavens. Speaking to the city populace as one, the Angel offered the support of the Seraphim and Nephalim legions. Angels descended from the sky, glorious in their raiment and shining wings of light, and the Paladins and heathens of the city lay prostrate in awe. Most of th city pledged their undying cause to the faith of Zakarum, and the Paladins suddenly found themselves the commanders of a growing Zakarum-Seraphim army, which began a counterattack which continues to this day.

    It has been ten years since the collapse of the barriers and the descent of Heaven and Hell to our world. The armies of the Sanctuary have been marshalled, and are on the march. Do you have what it takes?


    Frankly, I'm picturing D3 to be an RPG/RTS hybrid, where yes you control your central uber-character, but is supported by one uber-merc character as in D2: LoD, and five much weaker mercenaries which act as reinforcements. With such extra numbers under your command, more complex gameplay, such as flanking and ambushes, are possible in a way they never were before.

    I'll type in more later here.
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    Altair IV, pre-nano Plague
    Gameplay (Continued):

    1. Interactive environment. Trees burn when struck with fire or lighting spells, when it rains, characters low down due to mud, characters gain a certain statistical chance of increased stealth by moving through tall grass, certain environments, etc.

    2. Statistical chance that rounds from guns, arrows, etc. will miss. Chance increases with more weather activity, more fighting and crowded screens filled with monsters, etc.

    3. All character classes should be capable of buying and riding horses. Horses will be tremendously useful in getting from one place to another, and making maps as horrifically large as Kurast a lot easier to cross if one dies. Horse armor could and should be bought at a special category with the guy who in D2 has the Gamble section. Horse armor should be expensive but not too expensive, and should gradually increase to show increased monetary earnings. One can get three types of horses: fast horses, slower but tougher horses (ie combat horses), or slowest (but still faster than walking or running) as pack mules. All slow down when equipped with armor, but gain significant HP and armor upgrades in doing so, thus increasing survivability. Obviously, some places horses can't go, such as abandoned derelict buildings, so before going in places like that one must dismount from horses. Oh yeah, and only those characters, regardless of class, that are equipped and currently using either a bow, crossbow, or gun of some sort will be capable of using their weapons while riding, but they can't do that on a mule, as mules can only provide storage space for extra stuff or gold.

    4. Characters should be fully customizable in both appearance and any beginning skills they might have, if beginning skills are possible at all. If not, hair, clothing, appearance, gender, scars, tattoos, etc. should all be customizable, as per other suggestions on this thread.

    5. Possibly cool badass things for each character to randomly utter. Barbarians could make Conan jokes, Samurai could say pithy Japanese sayings, and continue on in that line. Would be nice, and add some realism and coolness to one's character.

    6. Increase the number of quests/Act. Like, ten instead of six, and some of them can offer mythic items or massive amounts of gold or something. Like the Countess mission, just more of them.

    7. Possibly bring back the Scrolls of Apocalypse concept from Diablo 1. VERY nice, but make them damn near impossible to find or get.

    8. More than one merc, max of five. Mercs should also be substantially less powerful than your character, as you'll basically be leading a militia at that point, but nowhere near as well trained as say you. Okay, one super-merc as of Diablo 2 and 5 smaller, weaker merc-ish characters, but that's it.

    9. Diablo 3...in 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. I want all character classes from both Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 and the 2 Expansion. The only exception would be the Sorcerer, as his abilities are already present in the Sorceress and not needed. Also, the Viszjerei clan of Sorcerers has joined the armies of Westmarch anyway, and are inaccessible and isolated from the rest of the world.

    2. There should be a rationally-designed character employing the use of guns. He should be like a Hunter-class or something, capable of diverse tricks of the trade. I would give the Traps abilities to the Hunter from the Assassin, design them to be like what a hunter would employ as traps in real life, and he could also use bows competently along with guns.

    2a. A second class I'd want starting to occur in D3 is the Mercenary. It comes with it's own backstory, as it is simply the Warrior from Diablo 1 renamed. After the devastating wars against Westmarch, which the other kingdom fighting Westmarch ultimately lost, and the king then went nuts and the kingdom disintegrated, the Warriors in the king's former armies have disbanded and now roam the countryside, selling their services to whosoever might need them. Like the Hunter, Mercenaries would be very diverse characters; I'd model them along the lines of a fusion of 15th-Century German Landsknecht mercenaries, the Warriors from Diablo 1, and Hessian soldiers from Prussia, famed for a certain skill with guns and also their rowdiness. They would have multiple weapons upgrades and skills, and I'm thinking give them a specialty use for the guns coming out of the Barbarian tribes of the Northlands.

    3. I want Samurai. Somewhere, somehow. Possibly an island culture, like Japan in OTL, but an island from the west, possibly off of Westmarch somewhere. They gained the gradual advances in technology from Westmarch, but due to frequent storms the island chain has remained isolated. Their society is a regimented caste structure, the top being elite warriors who spend their lives fighting. They would possess the ultimate in combat skills, sort of supplanting the legendary feats of the Barbarian in later years post-Diablo 2. They would especially excel in the usage of swords, and certain of them better than others, but they can use any weapons with bonuses attributed to each weapons type.

    4. The Barbarian class would have to reflect the changing face of Barbarian culture. Due to gunpowder and the resultant development by Barbarian smiths of the first guns (which rapidly improve due to the Barbarian's technical ingenuity), Barbarians come face to face with the realization that guns don't care how goddamn strong or fast you are, you will still die from only a few shots. Thus, the core principle Barbarian virtues of Strength and Integrity, and the reason why they're so goddamn buff, would begin lessening in terms of social value. In its place would come...what? A resurgence of technical ingenuity, to compensate for their physical shortcomings when it comes to flesh against bullet? Something else? I'm not exactly sure, just that Barbarians would have to change to reflect this.


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    Player Char
    - choose male/female => choose class => choose faction heaven or hell, faction determines whether your char is light or dark,
    -some form of customization like colours of armor and if it’s 3D, body size, hair colour, facial hair and the like
    -characters to have a voice so they aren’t just the emotional zombies they were in the previous games, only saying something if inventory full or every 12 stages or so (you can import a voice if u wants to)
    - definitely no races, definitely no vampires, half human/half something stupid, elves, fairies, cyborgs, metahumans, killer robots from the future, gnomes, goblins, trolls, dwarves, orcs, half human/half something stupid (Half Breeds/hybrids) as a playable character like some people want, diablo is humans only, always has, always will (god I hate people who want these things, go play WOW or DND if you want these things)
    -the ability to sheath weapons (put weapons away), and not just remove items for your char, I mean more like pressing ‘w’ and you don’t have anything on the other slots
    -if you fall just short of the strength requirement (1-5 under) of a weapon you can still use it but you drag it and use two hands to swing it, like the skeletons in act 5 (would be cool/funny)
    -every class should be able to dual wield two small weapons, up two small sword, at the same time (daggers, dirks, Kris you know the small ones)
    -if you are evil (faction Hell), or a thief class, you can attempt to steal items from shopkeepers (click button next to repair)
    -higher max char level
    -near the top of the char record page, should be your chars religion, ‘High Heavens’, ‘Burning Hells’, ‘None’ or ‘something else’, factions may dictate this.
    -mage type chars look like they are wearing cloaks rather than armor, similar to how they like when they aren’t wearing armor, (it looks kinda stupid when the only difference between a barb and a necro is their size)
    -there is a character page which shows what your char looks like with all his items on, 3D and zoomed in (most likely the inventory page)
    -every class could start in a different location
    -more small unique details between the chars or char types, like how Druids gain a speed bonus when using a maul, and similarly Barbs with axes, they could, if it isn’t already in d2, implement something like mage classes have slightly fast casting times than priest or warrior classes also an unarmed warrior class should do more damage than an unarmed priest or mage class, currently I think they all do the same unless you have really high strength
    -characters names should be extended to up to 20 characters instead of 15, and you should be able to use spaces also you should be able to use special characters if you cant already
    -there should be a records page, which shows you chars total number of kills per act and for the game, most powerful enemy vanquished, how long you have been playing for, favourite (most frequently used) Spell or skill, favourite (most frequently used) weapon/s [this area is where the kill counter from diablo 1 should be, seeing as the interface is different from diablo 1, i.e. the black box at the bottom of the screen that used to display the kill counter no longer exists]
    this part is not mine nor is it stolen
    -somewhere between 10 - 20 or so chars, possibly keep some of the original classes and some new ones
    -Generally chars in Diablo should fall into 3 categories, Warrior, Priest, and Mage, so this is how i will describe them.
    anti-Paladin is not a necromancer, Anti Paladin is exactly how it sounds an inverse Paladin, while the Paladin Heals, gives life, and gives bonus, an Anti Paladin takes lives and his Auras would have more incommon with curses of the Necromancer from D2, he does not however posess other Necromancer skills like revive and golem summoning.
    The Archer or as they are more commonly known the Ranger is kinda like a male amazon. He is the epitome of skill with a bow, his skills centre around the Bow, but he also possesses other skills as well, He can track enemies exceptionally well and has an affinity for nature, i.e the abilty to summon animals to his cause similar to the druid from D2
    not the hellfire version a good one, the Bard is best described as a cross between a fighter a budget paladin and a budget mage. He is a fairly capable fighter, His Songs (which would be one of his skill sets) either provide bonus to party members like th D2 Paladin or harm enemies like the D2 Necro.He also has a small range of powerful mage type spells.
    Bounty Hunter
    Like the Ranger he is adept at tracking/stalking, but his services come to those in need at a price, while the Ranger does so for virtue and honour the Bounty Hunter is a schemeing mercenary. He possesses several skills similar to the Assassins trap Skill set. but also several warrior type skills as well
    not the hellfire version a good one more like the DND version, unarmed, martial artist. The Monk main form of attack is his fists and feet. His powerful attacks are capable of doing several types elemental damages
    kinda like male assassin in several aspects. While this class may seem unlikely, if one thinks about it, it can work. He would be able to throw shuriken which would act like the Necromancer skill Teeth, and a skill similar to the assassins skill, cloak of shadows would do quite well to emulated the Ninja's stealthiness. but the Ninja would also have several skills more designed for combat, they are skilled warriors, so they would also posses several skills than would do haeavy damage, and increase their chances of scoring critical strikes.
    Cavalier (Crusader Inquisitor)
    A warrior truly dedicated to the erradication of evil. They epitomise honour, courage, loyalty, virtue. They are expertly trained to Hunt down and defeat classically evil beings and monsters i.e your corrupt mages, daemons and the like. Possesing mostly warrior type skills, they do have several spells at their disposal, mainly of the self Buff kind, not so much party oriented
    Cleric (Adept, Prior, Zealot)
    a class i am truly surprise has not made it into Diablo yet. A great fighter, but he is a Priest and as such can cast a variety of spells, Turn Undead similar to the D2 paladins conversion but only works on Undead of high levels low level undead are destoryed, can summon down the wrath of their chosen deity to smite there enemies similar to Fist of the heavens only more accurate and more powerful, posseses many bless type spells that increase armor, damage, stats these work similar to enchant i.e they must be cast on their target. They also have an intense hatred for the undead and thus would have a bonus to damage when engaging them
    Possessing the ability to animates inanimate objects. it is an Alchemist who truly makes Golems (not a Necromancer unless it is a Bone Golem), creates weapons out of the elements around him for a better insight to the abilties of an alchemist watch the Anime Full metal Alchemist, you may be surprised as to what they are capable of.
    specializes in creating creatures and objects to help him. This is the charatcer that it appears many people want, he is a summoner, summoning powerful daemons and magical beasts to aid him
    specializes in elemental based magics, and this is what his skill sets would be divided into
    -Fire fairly obivous
    -Water(ice) again fairly obvious
    -Earth, conjuring up walls or rock to trap enemies or stop ranged attacks, opening holes in the ground to swallow his eneimes, for a better look into the powers of earth magic check out Avatar the last Air Bender, and the Anime Full metal Alchemist.
    not like the wow one A supernatural character whose sinister powers are inborn abilities, not spells, Such as shapeshifting into Daemons or Lycanthropes (Lycans is short for Lycanthropes).
    The next few classes are better suited to being just the one mage/sorcerer class that can perform the skills of all of them
    specializes in protection magic (kinda like auras and the armor spells)
    specializes in detection and divining magic (find/disable trap, far sight and identify)
    specializes in manipulating the minds of sentient beings
    specializes in creating illusions to confuse and mislead
    specializes in invocation/evocation magic (lightning/magic type spells)
    -definitely no Subclasses or Multiclasses in d3 just True classes
    unless by subclassing it is you choose either;
    then you choose a warrior class
    then you choose a priest class
    then you choose a mage class
    Storylines Major/minor
    -with the worldstone gone demons are more free to enter the world of sanctuary, this is how more powerful demon lords (act bosses of sorts) can come through
    -as both demons and angels can enter the others realm, I think more demons and angels should be present at the gates to each area, they are suppose to be lock in eternal combat, yet only one angel was in hell possibly fighting demons on their own turf
    -the last two lesser evil Belial Lord of Lies and Azmodan Lord of Sin elude us still
    -the eternal battle between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells is still raging
    -the prime evils returning (or just diablo) without their soulstones as they arent needed for the prime evils to exist
    -something about Tyrael, is he corrupted? (Kinda been done before, a lot) is he banished from heaven? It may just be me but arent angels forbidden from major influences on mankind or something like that, I forget what it says in the text regards the lore of angels in diablo
    -Of course if tyrael is corrupted shouldn’t at least one of the seven player chars from d2 also be corrupted, they spent more time in the vicinity of the corrupted worldstone than tyrael did, and im not counting nightmare and hell, unless tyrael is corrupted thru having shards of the worldstone enter his body when he smashed it.
    -tie up any loose ends from the diablo series not that I can think of any right now but there is probably a few mostly to do with tyrael I believe
    -the angel inarius, he could perhaps be set free from his prison of mirrors to seek revenge on the prime evils or something
    -tie in with the diablo novels some how
    -something with Deckard cain is he still alive, he is getting old, but for some people it would feel like diablo without him.
    -some mention of the heroes of d2/d2lod, perhaps you could find part of there armor of course the set would have a name like Unknown Barbarian heroes…. or something
    -you could find out that cain is not the last of the horadrim, there is another, most likely an evil mage or sorts, you kill him then inform cain he once again is the last of the horadrim, cain has a wet eye.
    -if a playable char returns in d3 like the chars from d1 did in d2, have more of a storyline for them, not just the ‘oh xchar is now a monster I have to kill’
    -several powerful demons that have been defeated in the previous games could make a return thru some kind of resurrection/summoning spell, similar to the one Baal used to bring the warlord of blood (bartuc the bloody) back to life
    -A civil war could break out in Hell, between Belial and Azmodan as they both vie for Ruler of Hell
    -If D3 is a prequel, you should be able to be involved in the Binding of the three, or the Sin War, or any other event in the diablo History, such as the Blackening of King Leoric (well maybe not that one thats a little recent compared to the Binding of the three and the Sin War)
    -D3 could be set a short while after the events of LOD and Hell has taken over and you must try to reclaim the World of Sanctuary and possibly Heaven.
    Towns / world
    -could throw in some cultural references to pop culture and other games for fun;
    baldur's gate had a character called sir Garrick and he was modeled on sir robin from monty pythons holy grail, (he even sang the song brave, brave sir……), Warcraft had wirt’s other leg, and WOW has wirt's third leg
    Diablo 3 could have a sorcerer called Tim or an npc called Roger the Shrubber, or a Knight who says ‘Ni’ or an item called the Doomhammer
    -scary like diablo 1 (the lone hero descending into the darkness), this can be done by reintroducing the creepy soundtrack like diablo 1 had, Danny Elfman is good at gothic soundtracks, Medievil, batman the Animated Series are some of his best works
    -more villages/towns/cities, some ruined like tristram in d2/LOD
    -more towns/villages per act, could have a big city like lut Gohlein as the main town then further out in the wilderness a groups of houses with some npcs
    -buildings in towns and cities to have very gothic architecture (like the Chaos Sanctuary in D2) esp. churches and cathedrals, think Notre Dame in France
    -Trade-routes throughout the world of sanctuary, your char can buy passage on a caravan along these tracks, but beware they are full of bandits
    -good old crossroads, complete with gibbet (cage) like in willow, lol
    -bars, pubs and taverns, sometime adventurers just need a few drinks, a bit of entertainment (gambling/woman) and a rest, come on who hasnt wanted to pull up a barstool and drink with geglash in act 2 or drown your sorrows in the tavern of the rising sun when playing Diablo of course, intoxication would work like a curse
    -buying alcohol for adventurous minors it’s always fun (ala baldurs gate),
    -taking on castles/fortresses full of demons
    -unofficial titles by which townsfolk refer to you kind like fable (people called out your title) =>
    For killing 50 or so witches get a Witch Hunter title
    For killing 50 or so daemons get a Daemon Hunter title
    For killing 50 or so vampires get a Vampire Hunter title
    and so forth
    -bigger acts (act 2 and 5 size) with more internal stages like caves and dungeons
    -swamp/bog/quagmire/marshland good ones
    -stages fully covered in snow, so much you leave footprints in the snow
    -the tree house village for the druids or something of the sort
    -similar to those little houses in act 1 that have a cow inside, why not have home stays, a house fenced off field, sheep and cattle.
    -more interactable environments, things you can hack away at/through like bushes and vines also more things like the cairn stones in acts one you click on them and your char speaks
    -bring back the d1 shrines (plus x lvl to x spell, plus x amount to x stat)
    -villages full of possessed people (like griswold in d2)
    -go to amazon/necromancer/druid homelands plus the kingdom of westmarch and north/south of kurast (we never went there in diablo 1, 2 or LOD)
    -seeing at it is heaven vs. hell and we went to hell in diablo 1, 2 and LOD go to the high heavens (but not for a long time just one or two stages)
    -if you can go to somewhere where it is impossible for the average person to go, dont have barrels and chests there, golden chests are ok they are special (demon horded treasure)
    -bring back the ‘cornerstone of the world’ so you can trade between your chars, (without having someone say they'll help then steal your items)
    -random shopkeepers who can sell you things outside of towns (may be single player only, as pkers would have a clear shot at you, unless they were in a house or something which acted like a town i.e. not attacking players)
    -skull piles/skeletons on the ground, should yield skulls of varying power
    -weapons racks should be like they were in diablo you know the armories of hell (on lvl 13), you know where each item sold for 10000gp not they useless crap they give in d2
    -if you have a bow or throwing weapon, you should be able to shoot things in the air, like those birds and those jumping guys.
    -if you go to an area from d1, d2 or LOD, it should look the same, not like how D2 tristram differs from diablo tristram (rivers are different and no cathedral, it would have been cool to do even the first four stages of the labyrinth)
    -several features that are accessible only after you have beaten the game, (similar to the cow lvl)
    -underground cities, like the Underdark in DND, but no gnomes or drow
    -large cities full of corruption, complete with shady back alley locals
    -more bodies of dead heroes on the ground that actually yield something good not just 3gp
    -day and night
    -weather (ok so D2 kinda had weather but it only really rained in act 3), also lightning spells should do more damage in the rain
    -you can pay an NPC to personalize/socket/imbue some of your items your items, but only later in the game/difficulties
    Bring back the books from diablo that told the history of the world of sanctuary, they were cool
    -lots more quests 27 is not enough (30 with v1.12 if it exists) and more quests per act, only 4/5 acts have 6 and that isnt enough
    -arena quests (last man standing), other players can place bets on multiplayer
    -quest based on class (everybody does the same quest but it differs depending on which class you are)
    -quests differ depending on faction such as an evil person could choose not to kill something, or they could choose to kill a someone instead of save him
    -quests that dont appear in quest log, (gheed wanted a gem a small weapon some gold or something didnt he)
    -Some quests differ slightly depending on the difficulty, Normal, Nightmare or Hell
    -quest exp (getting exp just for finishing quest)
    -better quest rewards, also quest rewards improve with difficulty (such as 1 socket/imbue in normal, 2 in nightmare and 3 in hell)
    -protect village for x amount of time (good) or invade village for x amount of time (evil) I love these quests
    -you can receive quests from monsters (like gharbad and snotspill in diablo)
    -fist fighting quests, survive a few rounds to get a weapon, women, learn some info, raise some much needed fundage, or just prove how tough you are, that sort of thing
    -a few quests where you are able to potentionally weaken a boss, (Na krul from hellfire, reading the books weaken him)
    -not sure if it can be done but it was cool (but sometimes not) but it was cool how in Diablo not every quest appeared every time during your game, you had to go to new game and hope you got the quests you missed.
    -the age old sword in the stone quest, of course the sword is worth it
    -everybody loves kicking the door in of the hideout of a cult, and totally kicking all their asses
    -quests only appear in the quest log once you have begun them, like they did in diablo1
    -a few quests that take almost the whole difficulty (or game) to finish
    -some quests that either must be finished in the next act, or require something from the next act to finish it
    -lots more quests that are harder in difficulty, most of the quests in d2/LOD are fairly easy to complete


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    Whoops Double Posted


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    damn this double posting damn it all to hell


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    Heres the second part

    -versions of weapons more powerful than elite
    -light and dark versions of weapons, (but not all) Light weapons give off a Holy glow, while Dark weapons give off an unholy glow
    -more items of all types
    -cloaks and capes over armor
    -bring back the rags
    -bring back the club that looked like a bit of wood with a nail in it
    -bring back the spells books from diablo 1 (plus x lvls to x spell) and the bookshelves they are found on.
    -also shields can be strapped to your back, that way you can have a shield and a two handed weapon, cant block but the armor rating thing still applies
    -customize armor and some weapons NWN styles
    -new types of weapons, such as whips [yeh i went there], slings, (see Anderson form Hellsing) katana, shuriken (ninja star), ninja to and wakazashi (I know this isnt an Asian themed game or DND, but you should know what i mean)
    -more gems/better version of gems, more runes/more powerful and more rune words
    -if the is something like the cube in d3 it should be available earlier in the game (I hate finding a good item or two and my stash if full of runes and gems and im in act 1) also it should be larger
    -more transmutable items
    -more craftable items
    -more uniques, and more powerful, plus more that look different from their base item it should be like in Diablo nearly every unique item looked different form its base type
    -trophies =>
    demon heads, pelts, hinds, scalps, hooves, horns, tusks (work like charms and some as items like weapons and cloaks) and of course somewhere to store them like a seperate stash for trophies
    -bring back the elixirs from diablo
    -bring back the oils from diablo hellfire
    -more set items (esp class specific sets)
    -6 – 8 feet tall swords, which even someone like the barbarian has to use two hands to swing it
    -definitely no GUNS, definitely no GUNS, no guns of any kind
    -some legendary items, which you have to search for the parts and combine them to get a really powerful item, these items can either be created in the cube or by a master blacksmith
    -throwing hammers, there are throwing knives and axes, why not hammers
    -Flaming Longswords, man these weapons rock
    -more non European style weapons, like Scimitars and Katanas
    -since it will be similar to wow, guilds will be cool, (even if there are no official guild option people will do this anyway)
    -less ****en lag (my god is that a must)
    -not sure if it is caused by lag but fix the problem of the black wall that stops you from moving
    -an arena for dueling (PK), other players can place bets, the winner of the pk duel takes a large part of all the winnings, odds of winning would most likely be calculated on something like lvl. Lower lvl, better pay or something like that
    -checkbox for dueling works similar to trade check box, not possible unless both people check the box
    -more people per game increase the number from 8 to 12, unless it is like wow and is all on servers
    -bigger friends list maybe 35 instead of 25and have a whole new tab wen your playin the game that displays all your friends and whether or not there online also have the option to talk to only one of your friends like wen there name is displayed in the list right click it and a smaller list says talk to this character privately
    -more multiplayer (battle.net [Closed]) only runewords
    -games should have some kind of identifier which says the game is expansion or not and what difficulty it is before you try to join it
    -ears or the d3 equivalent trophy’s price should be based on lvl, it is stupid to have a lvl 9 ear sell at the same price as a lvl 99 ear
    -not sure if this is already the case, Shrines should have bigger effects on multiplayer, i.e. bigger bonuses and last longer (this is for TCP/IP, Open and Closed)
    -Gaining exp for duels, they count as a monster of the equivalent level, killing a lvl 90 char would roughly be the same as killing a lvl 90 monster
    -once you join a guild, your char bears the insignia of that guild, such as a little pic on their cape
    -very good anti hack/dupe protection
    -a help section for newcomers, explaining how to do all the commands
    -more features only available on battle.net, like the world events and the ubers
    -More sarcasm and cursing by the townsfolk and much less political correctness, it makes for an interesting conversation, a more medieval feel to the language they use
    -a few Hollywood actors to do a few of the voices, like Sean Connery to do a wizard, or Michael Dorm to do a brooding warrior or something like that
    -the cow suit guy from diablo hellfire,
    -mercs that have better AI, can choose whether they act aggressive or passive, attack or defend, more choices of merc classes, more powerful, and can use a few more items (not a full set), resurrection scrolls and be able to hire 2 max
    -mercs need to have a few more skills than the one or two they have in D2 and you should be able to enhance their skillz lik in act 5 how you can get the barb you can raise like the mercs lvls such as warcries or masteries
    -also mercs have a voice just a few more sound files, they follow you to hell and back and all they can say is ‘thanks’, ‘I will put this to good use’, ‘I cant use this yet’, ‘uuurrrrrrrggggghh’
    -more people who unofficial follow you like the barbarians in act 5
    -if there are witches, they should be like adria in d1, or the corrupt rogues, and not as a playable character, to similar to the sorc
    -random npcs adventurers (some dead and you can loot their stuff)
    -random people who give you a quest or two
    -more people in town to talk to, that don’t sell/give quests to you, like farhnam and geglash (yes people out there like to talk to these people)
    -random NPC groups out killing demons, (groups of paladins and assassins out doing their jobs that sort of thing)
    -some npcs who after rescuing them follow you, of course you can equip them but they don’t use the full set of items, they use weapon shield, armor, helm, gloves and boots, they are kind of like a type of merc you don’t have to pay for
    -more drunk npcs, they always have something funny to say esp. farhnam
    -more Angels, diablo is heaven vs. Hell and we have only seen two angels, Tyrael, Izual, and Hadriel, there are other angels mentioned in the diablo texts but they are never seen in the games
    -npcs always seem pretty eager to help you on your quests, where are the npcs who refuse to provide you with the info you need, until you beat it out of them?
    -more npcs who actually have the right accent for the geographical area they are in, with d2 nearly every one had the same accent even if the were from the deserts, the jungle or the tundra
    -more npcs who hit on the player character
    -More npcs who try to coax the player char into joining the forces of Hell
    -a generic skill tab that everybody has, with find item, find potion, disarm trap, pick lock and spells/skills like that
    -not really sure if it can be done, but bring back the unique skill feature from Diablo, each class had a unique skill;
    Warrior: repair item
    Rogue: disarm trap
    Sorcerer: recharge staff
    In d3 a priest class could have a unique skill that increases the damage of holy spells, like holy bolt, alternatively an evil priest unique skill could increase the damage of unholy skills like unholy bolt
    -bring back the spells of immolation (fire nova) flame wave, lightning wall, elemental, stone curse, and apocalypse
    -higher max skill level (20 it too low, I know skills go higher than this but you can only add to a skill 20 times, then it stops the rest must be done with items)
    -lightning spells to have a higher minimum damage, I hate it when its 1-5000
    -more magic damage based skills, you know the ones that aren’t elemental based more skills like berserk, magic arrow, telekinesis, some times these are the only spells you can use to hit the enemies, also some of these spells need to do more damage
    -a new type of skills (like Cold, Poison, Fire, Lightning, Magic, Physical) called Unholy [working title] and these spells are for evil chars, things like unholy bolt, demonic chill, of course if you that all the skills like holy bolt, and the holy auras would all be Holy [working Title]
    -all classes have a few more defensive skills/spells
    -not really sure if this already happens but, 24 points into a lvl 1 skill, should do more damage than one point into a lvl 24 skill
    -a few more spells that control the badguys, like psionics attacks
    -there should be a spell for each class that summons a minion, even for warrior classes, warriors could summon primal beasts like wolves and bears or summon valkryies and berserkers, priests Devas or fallen Devas if they are evil, mages anything from demons to elementals to the undead
    -more spells like Cloudkill, Ice Lance, Acid Arrow, finger of death, disintegrate and some spells similar to other DND spells which when cast, create a weapon like Flame Sword and Magic Hammer
    also passive skillz should have better percentages like the zons dodge and evade passives should have a set amount of percentages like for everyskill point its plus 2%to the skill or plus 5% but the skill is maxed out at 100%
    and when you lvl up you should get 10 attribute points and 5 skill points
    -more enemies that have a voice and say more than one line (like snotspill, zhar the mad, Lazarus, gharbad)
    -demons disguised as people in town (would be cool)
    -more powerful types of bad guy =>
    Goat => Centaur, Minotaur
    Fallen => fallen brute
    Knights => Demon Knight
    Blunderbore => Ogres
    Claw Viper => Naga (the more feminine looking ones, not the WC royal guard type)
    -tougher bosses (some with fewer minions)
    -more visual variety in badguys kind of like how with the necromancers skeletons some have shields with arrows in them, some have axes, some have swords, and others dont
    -a random evil/good version of you, wandering around (like pokemon but not as lame of course), could be interesting
    -more badguys who worship a badguy and yell his name (carvers yell out rakanishu)
    -Random badguys that ride on horses are charge at you
    -less resistant badguys in hell
    -bring back the gargoyles from diablo
    -bring back the succubus from diablo
    -bring back the mages from diablo
    -bring back the butcher, warlord of blood and the skeleton king or a similar badguy
    -bring back the black knights from diablo, they were so cool bursting into flames when they died
    -bring back the Magma men (lava chuckers)
    -bring back the lightning demons (lightning chuckers)
    -bring back the overlords (uglies)
    -bring back the vipers (snakes)
    [Would have been quicker to say which monsters from diablo 1 not to bring back, lol]
    -rocs (giant birds) that pick up your mount/baddies
    -goatman/fallen armies complete with camps and chariots
    Baatezu, Balor and Tanar'ri (kinda look like dread lords from WCIII)
    -Basalisks, kinda looks like a komodo dragon but bigger, way bigger (for you idiots out there, the basilisk in Harry Potter is actually a Boalisk, basilisks have legs)
    -Hydras, the multiple headed beasts
    -Medusae, snake hair ladies
    -Rakshasas (shape change monsters)
    -Mariliths (sometimes called Nagas, Half snake/half woman with lots or arms)
    -More undead enemies
    Crypt Thing (very powerful Skeleton)
    Liches and Demi-Liches (more like the DND version as opposed to the Warcraft version)
    Revenant (very powerful Zombie)
    Zombie Lord
    -Ratmen, similar to the goatmen but rats, (there were ratmen in D2 but they used the Fetish image)
    -some kind of sea monster, like the river monsters in act 3 but bigger, much bigger! Some kind of giant sea serpent or two like the Kraken or leviathans/mosasaur looking creatures.
    -a few more plant type monsters wouldn’t hurt, shambling moulds and ones similar to the Venus fly trap monsters in the Legend of Zelda games
    -a few more legendary beasts from mythology but not too many, mostly animal, undead and demon types, as these types are most common in diablo, dragons in diablo would seem out of place, as would some other legendary beasts, like mind flayers and beholders
    -less monsters that run away, still have these guys, just less of them
    Game Mechanics
    -2.5D graphics, something between what diablo 1 and 2, and neverwinter nights are
    keep the same difficulty lvls just add one example normal/nightmare/hell/chaos
    -bring back the kill counter, is was neat being able to see how many of a certain type of badguy you had killed, but when the kill counter reset at 500 or so that was gay
    -items dump in piles that you click on and it brings up an inventory, (like neverwinter nights and Baldur’s gate) I hate just seeing lots of gold and items everywhere
    -bring back gambling for unique and set items, which was cool
    -bigger inventory/stash
    -belts auto fill, like how if you have a column empty on your belt and you pick up a potion in fills up, do that same thing with potion from inventory, if you have room, potions automatically go into your belt, (what I’m trying to get at here is if there is room in your belt, and you have potions in your inventory, they should go to your belt, i.e. the belt will always try to stay full)
    -May be hard to implement but mercs have a belt for potions, and you can set it so when the mercs life drops below a certain point, the potions in the mercs belt will be used, saving you farting around trying to heal the merc, by pressing shift + #, # of course being a number 1 – 4, or if you didn’t know that, dragging a potion to the mercs pic at the top of the screen
    -tutorial for newcomers, shows how to create basic melee fighter, ranged fighter, melee priest, ranged priest and mage class builds, hot key management, npc interaction things like that, game basics and char builds.
    -an area that calculates your MF for you, if it can calculate armor/chance to block why not MF and calculate your resistances
    -faster run/walk speeds
    -if they don’t already, spiked shields or shields with spikes on them should do more damage
    -not sure if this is the case, but you should be able to create the runewords without having to go on multiplayer
    - bringing back the menu from diablo 1, You know when save and exit were two different options instead of the same be (or is that too cheap)
    -more sensible and suitable weapon drops from monsters and bosses, i hate it when im the sorc and i find **** for the barb, also why does a monster using a sword drop an axe? he should drop a sword.
    -An area in the records page that lets you know how long you have been playing for. like in Fable it tells you how many hours your played.
    -DVD of the movies from the game
    -Art of Diablo concept book, the Warcraft one was cool
    -Free poster
    -quik reference card of in game/in chat commands
    -strategy guide comes with it, (some people need it), and even I pick up a few things from these books every now and again
    -would blizzard supplying their own char/world editor for Diablo 3 be too weird, lol
    -links to websites with special downloads, like items for your chars
    -nice big manual for the game full of good stuff like where to find Easter eggs in the game as well as all the usual stuff manuals are full of
    -some kind of d3 memorabilia, the box set of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion comes with a Nerv Parking Permit magnet, something similar could be done for d3.ANYTHING ADDED AFTER THIS WAS ADDED BY MY FELLOW GAMMERS AND FRIENDS
    -Some kind of spike lord badguy with lots of spikes
    -better/cooler avatars for chars, minions and mercs on singleplayer and multiplayer
    -A rich and appealing storyline to continue from Diablo II. So far the storyline is nonconclusive at this point, and when it is, it has to be good.
    -A new difficulty. Diabolical Harder - almost impossible to pass, but its rewards will be grand.
    -it would be nice to see other PvP modes, such as capture the war banner, or a town raid with two opposing teams trying to take control.
    -New interfaces. New menus, new inventory setup, new stash/bank area, new character stat window, new equipped items window (perhaps an optional character portrait?) Keep the old school health and mana orbs in the corners
    -Slow the monster generation down, and make them more difficult. Diablo II was an off-and-on game because players lost interest with pwning huge amounts of easy monsters.
    -More eye-appealing special effects. Perhaps they can add some ragdoll physics and some new fire, lightning, ice, and poison animations.
    -Implement a Day-Night tracker. During the light hours of the day, demons will be less aggressive. During dark hours, the demons will feel more compelled to push their forces forward. This implementation could also be build upon for other things, such as quests and item finding.
    -socketing items is similar to how you buy items, i.e you get the message "are you sure you want to socket this item"
    -the average monster size should be largeR
    -you should be able to kill wildlife and other such animals like the cows in the wilderness
    -Upgrades and add-ons to your armor (so you don't have to buy new armor)
    -Upgrades and add-ons to your weapons as well.
    -A secret Cow Level.
    -More good characters gone bad like Griswold.
    -After you die in Hard core you can still walk around in town/heaven. (It would only be -fun though on multiplayer)
    -while in a group on multiplayer, if someone dies, they get a diminished (most likely diminished to 0) proportion of the exp that the rest of the group get for killing the badguy
    -chars should have charisma rating, similar to the other stats, but with charisma the higher the rating the bigger the discount at shops
    -a more precise appraisal on your more valuable items
    -2 skill points per level up instead of 1
    -monsters should drop items whose level requirement is a little closer to your own, it sucks when a level 12 char finds an item for a lvl 45 char
    -remove the magical property ‘+x to xChar skills’, it is annoying finding a ring that is +X to skills only to realize it is for the play and you are the necro, just have the +x to all skills and +x to xskilltree properties
    -on multiplayer you can only enter games of a similar speed to your connection (might be hard to do but it is gay when you have broadband and someone with dial up joins your game and it lags like ****, course there is a serious downside, if you have dial up and your friend has broadband you wouldn’t be able to play together)
    -the game isnt so linear, more freedom to go where you want, but you still cant go everywhere, and still have the acts (but they are bigger)
    -Chars are able to sail on ships between places; the deck acts like a regular stage, going below deck would be like going from Cave Lvl 1 to Cave Lvl 2
    some the chars should be able to use some of the skills that the prime/lesser evils use for example Demonic Chill[/quote]

    so read this and let me know wat you think