Darkest Hour

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    The Area of Role Playing
    This will be a Medieval based RP. Yes I know it wil probably suck but lets give it a try. It will base on the year 399. The Darkest Hour will strike... Beware!

    Dont Godmod or break any of the rules.
    Dont Suddenly Appear.
    Dont use a blast that kills all humanity.
    You are in the medieval times, no guns, no lasers.

    I will be Kaoh from Page 6 Of the Submission thread. You make a character and decide how much detail you need. The more the merrier.

    PM Me for a new idea or town or city or castle or w/e. Also tell me if your going to have a side quest, this is an OPEN RP. There is basically no main goal. Lets keep this lasting.


    Durem: The place we start off in, contains the main castle is the capital of our country.

    Harath: Second main town...
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    sparks freaking nevada
    Hello everyone I am new (I've never done any RP except games) so could i join?

    Here is my character.

    Name: Sahaidachny
    Race: Human
    Sex: Male
    Weight: 135lbs
    Height: 5 7
    Class: Cossack
    Appearance: Shaved head except a little bit of hair(color black) on top about 1inch by 1 inch in diameter and about a foot long, being over his right ear. Long mustache (black).Wears cloth white shirt baggy red cotton pants and big leather boots(very long red cotton belt holds up pants maybe 12 feet long wrapped around his waist).
    Equipment: A beautiful saber which has been passed down for generations and is incredibly battle worthy(all of his equipment has been blessed by a monk from his village so it is very useful against anything unholy even his clothes.), musket, rifle, big cross that he wears around his neck, bulova and a spear that his horse carries. And is always with his trusty steed Victor. Victor is an Arabian stallion he is the fastest horse the world has ever seen.(if he is needed to travel great distances he will go their in a flash)


    Swordsmanship: He is incredible with any form of sword as long as it isn't too heavy.(he prefers sabers though and he can slash someone about 8 times every second)
    Rider: His clan has been riding horses for over 500 years he can do any thing on a horse ride upside down, hit an egg from 300 yards using his musket and 500 yards with his rifle.
    Berserk: When he is extremely injured or gets really mad at something, he will charge recklessly like a wild animal without caring for anything, and he wont stop until all of his enemies are destroyed and if that isn't enough to kill them then he turns into a giant bear.(see below)
    Speed: He is incredibly fast at anything he does.
    Bear: Its like berserk but it's the next level. If this happens he turns into a giant Kodiak bear.
    Weight: 2100lbs
    Height: 13feet
    Weapon: 7inch blunt claws.


    He was born in a town called Zaporizhye. This town was located right in-between the Tartars, Russians and Poles, so his people were always fighting for their freedom. That is why his people had to be good warriors. The definition of Cossack is free man in Turkish. Well his people are great horsemen and sailors who can defeat their enemies even if they are greatly outnumbered. And because of these raids against the tartars and Turks he has become an extroidnary fighter. Cossacks believe that their is no need for armor and that all it does is show weakness so they don't wear any armor or shields. And that every man deserves to be free. All Cossacks are is just pirates. They never attack head on unless they now they can win, if they are outnumbered they will devise a plan to defeat the opponent. Their boats are called Chaikas they are very powerful ships not because of their fire power but because the mast sits very low and they can surprise their enemies and catch them of guard or have the sun at their back so the enemy cant see them very well. Each boat is only about 60 feet long. And Sahaidachny happens to be their Hetman at the moment. He has led many successful campaigns against the Russians and Tartars both with help of the poles. Also they have sacked many Turkish towns and harbors. The usual raid against the Turks consists of about 80 Chaikas and 2000 men. Every raid they burn the whole city down sparing no one just like the Turks and Tartars do to them. And almost after every raid the Turks try to blockade the mouth of the river with their powerful galleys but the Cossacks either use streams that connect to one another carry their boats overland using big logs underneath the hulls and having men carry the other parts, or just surprise the Turks galleys if they are up for more battle and loot. Most of the land operations happen on the steppes were their incredible light cavalry will out flank its opponent and charge them from the rear wile the Serduiks will hold the shoot them with their long range muskets. Even the great Janisssaries are a threat to them.

    just change rifle to bow and no musket lol