d2 nl west gg acct for sale.

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    I have a gg acct that I need to sell. I have been playing d2 for a very long time. I just had a son and no longer have the time to play so I am selling my acct. Serious offers only please all items are legit, paypal only offers. You can contact me at seczrecz@yahoo.com.

    LVL 84 Bowazon:
    45/120/15 bone visage
    29 resis Fort
    14 fanat Faith
    20 ias kb gloves
    20 dex raven frosts And dual leach all resis rings
    Wartraveler and sandstorm treks
    nosferatu coil
    cats eye ammy
    20/17/8 anni
    18/19 torch
    19x 100 psn dam scs
    1x 177 psn dam sc
    1x 130 psn dam sc
    eth titans and ss on switch
    5x 5 fhr scs
    and other random stuff
    3.3-6.7k guided arrow, 2.4-4.7 multi, and 2.5-4.8k strafe. life bout 1k
    Don't have gold to check mule but pretty sure he has ebotd pike and fort with vamp gaze...

    LVL 90 Hdin:
    2/20/ all resis 15+ circ
    ds nigma
    hoto and hoz
    soj, 24 resis maras, 18 dex ravens
    33 fcr spirit and 6/4/1 cta
    3x pcombs
    6x 7mfsc, 7x 6mfsc, 2x 5mfsc
    2x ist ali baba, isted shako, p chancies, 2x p nagelrings, 32 mf gheeds
    17/14 torch
    13k hammers
    around 2200 life.
    Don't have gold but again pretty sure merc has insight, no armor, and vamp gaze helm

    LVL 90 Ele Druid
    5 nado 36 lifer 15 resis helm
    hoto and 30fcr spirit
    5/4/4 cta and 26fcr spirit
    magefist, sandstorm treks, and wartravelers
    2x 10fcr al resis rings, 2x sojs, 22 resis maras
    1x 6strength ele gc, 2x 5strength ele gc, 1x 3strength ele gc, 1x 12fhr ele gc
    3x plain gcs
    19/15/6 anni
    17/18 torch
    2/20 all resis 17+resis circ
    3+ Hurrican dream
    7k nado around 5k life, 2750-3k hurricane
    Again no gold but merc has insight.

    LVL 86 Smiter:
    Guillames face helm
    16 defiance 45 resis eth exile vortex
    Gore riders
    39 vit, 14 dr Dungos
    20 dex Raven frosts, 5ll Bk ring, Highlords wrath
    11/15/6 anni
    61 cb last wish zerker
    4/4/2 cta and 29 fcr spirit
    12x orts, 7x rals, 1 brain, 4 eyes
    Easilly defeats ubers in full game of 8 in minutes.
    2-5k zeal, 2222 life, 1-2k smite
    no merc.... i think, no gold again.

    LVL 84 Trapper:
    2/20/17 circ wth 14 to dex and open socket
    5Ls claw and 3 traps claw
    2/4/2 cta and lidless
    10 fcr all resis 4 dex ring
    10 fcr 4 dex ring with high light and fire resis
    sandstorm treks
    frostburn, magefist, laying of hands { laying provides the ias needed for bp)
    8x trap gcs, 1x 3 dex trap gc
    16/12/6 anni
    19/19 torch
    1x soj
    2x dual leach all resis rings
    2 skills 5 fcr all resis 13+ crafted ammy (cant use yet)
    1 skill 6fcr all resis 18 ammy
    1 skill 9 strength 13 dex ammy
    3+ venom 3+ fade 1+ shadow warrior fury claw
    3+ds 2+ls 3 socket claw
    11k traps around 2740 life
    fort, infinity on merc (dont have cash so not sure on helm)

    LVL 84 psn necro:
    5/5 facet shako
    18 thorns 43% psn damage bramble and nigma
    5/5 facet 47 enemy psn resis death web
    trangs shield, gloves, and belt
    arach belt
    frostburn gloves
    2x sojs
    27 resis maras
    5bs white wand
    6x psn bone gcs, 2x 6strength psn bone gcs, 1x 6 life gc
    17/19/5 anni
    14/20 torch
    2/3/4 cta and lidless
    sandstorm treks
    13k psn nova with bramble
    10-11k psn nova with nigma
    around 2k life
    again no gold not sure what is on merc

    Lvl 59 Orb/ firewall sorc
    mostly a mule never finished has random pieces of tals, ik, trand, arcanna, cathan, aldurs, decent items include, eschutas, bartucs, que-hagans, ormus robes, raven frosts, razortail, nagel rings, chancies, lidless, wizardspike, lightsabre. Best item is 20/16 necro torch.

    Lvl 73 blizz sorc
    traded off is mostly a mule that has gear consisting of decent crafted cb gloves, a good crafted fcr belt, razortails, ravenlore, a 14/20 necro torch, barb mastery gcs, 4ll bk ring 19 dex raven frost, 5 dex jav spear gc, chancies and nagelring.
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    Will give you about 10$ for this.
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    buying an acc over the net is an easy way to get burned... unless they also provide the cd key they created it on. But still.
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    glory hole, USA
    I'll give you 15 dollars