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    This is Going To Be Stickied For Your Incovience thanks Mr Rick

    Adding Yourself to the Userlist:

    To add yourself to the bot's userlist, simply type "/add YourAccountName 999" in the bot's main window. You will be added with full access to the bot.
    Be sure to not include * at the beginning of your account, @Azeroth at the end, and the like.

    StealthBot Color Text Recognition

    StealthBot can now recognize Diablo II colored text as well as two StealthBot-only text effect codes.

    ÿc1 through ÿc9 : Diablo II color codes
    ÿci StealthBot Italic - CTRL + I
    ÿcb StealthBot Bold - CTRL + B

    Flood protection:

    Flood protection is not protection against floodbots, as most of you seem to think. This feature prevents you from disconnecting yourself by typing messages too fast, and lets StealthBot effectively tagban and wildcard-ban users because it won't drop if there's more than one or two of them. You can't turn Flood Protection off; if you'd like to see this feature email me.

    Wildcard Banning, Kicking and UnBanning:

    Picture this: There's 6 bots spamming your channel, and they're all named WaR[#]BoT. You can now type ".ban WaR*" and they will each be banned in the order they appear in the channel list. Safelisting users/tags or adding them to access 20 will let them evade banning, but kicking users using wildcard kicks ignores all safelists. In 2.0+, you can also use ".unban name*" or simply ".unban *" to unban any user that has been banned matching that tag.

    Chat Filters:


    In versions 1.5+, a system of Chat Filters has been built in to prevent the annoyances of FloodBots. Chat messages can be filtered by username with wildcards or by message. Let's say you have several FLooDBoT-###### 's spamming your channel. The solution is to type " /block Floodbot* " and hit enter, or go to the Bot menu and clicking on "Edit Chat Filters, then adding Floodbot* to the Block List. Any messages coming from people whose names start with "floodbot" will be ignored. Case doesn't matter.

    If you have a bunch of bots spamming using random names, block their spam. Typing "/filter (message)" will cause any messages containing that message to be blocked out by the filtering system. Likewise, you can add or remove filters by going to the Bot menu and choosing "Edit Chat Filters".


    Any messages you send will be filtered via the Outgoing Filters you have specified in the Outgoing Filters tab of the Filters dialog. Check em out by clicking Edit Chat Filters under the Settings menu.


    Also in 1.5+, ProfileAmp (if activated) will update your profile according to WinAmp's current song. The ProfileAmp code will update every 30 seconds.You can turn ProfileAmp on or off by going to the Window menu, choosing Interface Settings and unchecking its check box; otherwise, go to the Bot menu, choose Setup and check/uncheck its box.

    Three Chat Boxes:
    There are 3 chat-message-send boxes. This is a setup similar to that in RaiBot, where you can prepend or append text to your messages. The content of these text boxes won't change when you send your message. Play around with them if you don't understand how they work, you'll get it soon enough.

    .newdef writes a new definition. .newdef term|definition.

    For example, ".newdef StealthBot|Chat client for" or, ".newdef Your Mother|Skanky hoe! ."
    To define a term, type .def (term) or .define (term). Examples:
    .def Your Mother
    .define StealthBot

    Errors: There are a couple errors that may appear with Stealthbot. Some are documented on the errors page.

    Special thanks to Zorm for his help in the BNLS matter. Other thanks are listed in the About dialog inside the bot.

    Information on profiles: Typing "/profile username" in the Send box will open a window that lists the profile of the username you queried. If you'd like to set your own profile, go to the Bot menu and choose Edit Profile. You can also right-click a person's name in the channel list and choose "Lookup Profile" to retrieve it.

    The QuickChannels feature lets you configure 5 different channels that are available at the touch of a key. The F1-F9 keys will send your bot to the respective QuickChannel of your choice. (Hooray for cheesy names :)

    For example, if you put Clan {DK} as your first QuickChannel, pressing F1 while the bot is connected will take you to that channel.


    The example trigger is "." , if you configure your bot it will be whatever you specify in the Settings window.



    !inbox - no aliases: This command cannot change, it is always !inbox regardless of the bot's trigger. This command is accessible only to people with unread mail.


    .find - alias .whois: Displays the requested user's access to the bot.

    .about - alias .ver: Displays the bot's version information.

    .server - no aliases: Displays the server the bot is connected to.

    .add <username> <access> - alias .set: Adds a user (<username>) to the bot's access list with access <access> (10-998)

    .whoami : Returns the person who says it's access.

    .cq : Clears the bot's queue! Useful if your bot is stuck spamming many messages, banning many people, or the like.

    .designated - Displays the user that the bot last designated.


    .time - no aliases: Displays the current time and date on the computer.

    ?trigger - no aliases: Displays the bot's current trigger.

    .dns - Runs a DNS lookup on the specified URL/hostname.


    .say <message> - no aliases: Repeats the message following the command.

    .shout <message> - Repeats the message following the command in all uppercase. ;)

    .ignore <username> - no aliases: Squelches the <username>.

    .unignore <username> - no aliases: Unsquelches the <username>.

    .addquote <quote> - no aliases: Adds the <quote> to the quotes.txt file.

    .quote - no aliases: Displays a randomly selected quote from the quotes.txt file.

    .away - no aliases: Turns /away mode on.

    .back - no aliases: Turns /away mode off.

    .ping <username>: Retrieves <username>'s current ping.

    .uptime: Displays the computer's uptime and the time since the bot logged on.

    .mp3: Displays the MP3 that Winamp [VERSION 2.9 AND BELOW] is playing.

    .mail <username> <message>: Adds mail to the mail queue for <username>.

    .vote <duration> : Begins a general vote lasting <duration> seconds.

    .voteban <username> : Begins a 30-second voteban vote. If the vote passes, the user is banned.

    .votekick <username> : Begins a 30-second votekick vote. If the vote passes, the user is kicked.

    .tally : Displays the current results of the active vote.

    .info <username> : Displays information available on the specified user: time in channel, product, ping, flags.

    .scq : Silently clears the queue.
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    .kick <username> <message>: Kicks <username> with <message>. Accepts wildcards (*)

    .ban <username> <message>: Bans <username> with <message>. Acceps wildcards (*)

    .unban <username>: unbans <username>.

    .lastwhisper: Displays the username of the last person who messaged the bot.

    .define <term> alias .def : Defines <term>.

    .fadd <user> : Adds <user> to the account's friends list.

    .frem <user> : Removes <user> from the accuont's friends list.

    .bancount : Returns the number of users banned since the bot joined the channel.

    .allseen : Returns the names of the last 15 people the bot has seen.

    .levelbans - With access 60+, this will display the current status of Warcraft III level-based banning.

    .d2levelbans - With access 60+, this will display the current status of Diablo II level-based banning.

    .tagcheck <expression> : Returns any tagbans that the specified expression matches.

    Cuphead was right, readmes suck ;)

    ACCESS LEVEL 70 (now it's getting good!)

    .shitlist <user> aliases .pban .shitadd : Adds the user to the shitlist.

    .shitlist all by itself: Lists the users in the shitlist.

    .shitdel <user> : Removes the user from the shitlist.

    .safeadd <user> aliases .safelist <user> : Adds a user or tag to the safelist.

    .safedel <user> : Removes an item from the safelist.

    .safelist all by itself: Lists the users and tags in the safelist.

    .tagbans : Lists tagbans

    .tagadd aliases .tagban .addtag : Adds a tag to the tagbans list

    .tagdel : Deletes a tag from the tagbans list

    .protect on/off : Turns Lockdown on or off, all users in the channel or that join the channel and are not safelisted or with access less than 20 will be banned.

    .mimic <username> : Repeats everything that the person says.

    .nomimic : Turns Mimic off.

    .check <username> : Checks the user monitor to see if <username> is online.

    .online : Lists the users currently "ONLINE" on the User Monitor.

    .monitor <username> : Adds <username> to the monitor.

    .unmonitor <username> : Removes <username> from the monitor.

    (Custom Commands)

    .cmdadd <r> <q> <a> alias .addcmd: Adds Custom Commands. Click here for more information.

    .cmddel <commandname> alias .delcmd: Deletes Custom Commands.

    .cmdlist alias .listcmds : Lists the current custom commands and their required access levels.


    .plist / .phrases : Lists currently banned phrases.

    .padd / .addphrase : Adds a phrase to the PhraseBans list.

    .pdel / .delphrase : Deletes a PhraseBan.

    .phrasebans (on/off/status) : Enables, disables, or displays the status of PhraseBans.

    .pon / .poff - Enables/disables phrasebans.

    .pstatus - Same as .phrasebans status.

    .ipban <username> - IPBans the specified username.

    .unipban <username> - Un-IPBans the specified username.

    .ipbans (on/off/status) - Enables, disables, or displays the status of IPBans.

    .banned - Displays a list of users that have been banned.

    .setpmsg - Sets the message used to ban users during Channel Protection.


    .reconnect : Disconnects, pauses, then reconnects the bot.

    .des <user> alias .designate: Designates the user.

    .rejoin : Rejoins the channel.

    .settrigger <trigger> : Sets the bot trigger.

    .igpriv / .unigpriv : Runs the "/o igpriv" or "/o unigpriv" command. Don't use this unless you know what it does.

    .rem <user> : Removes a user from the access list.

    .next : Plays the next track in Winamp [2.9 AND BELOW]

    .stop : Stops Winamp [2.9 AND BELOW]

    .play : Starts play in Winamp [2.9 AND BELOW]

    .play <tracknumber> : Plays the specified track in Winamp [2.9 AND BELOW]

    .play <track name> : Plays the specified track, by name, in Winamp [2.9 AND BELOW]

    .setvol <volume> : Sets Winamp's current volume. (0-100) [WINAMP 2.9 AND BELOW]

    .fos : Runs a Fade-Out Stop in Winamp [2.9 AND BELOW]

    .pause : Pauses Winamp [2.9 AND BELOW]

    .sethome : Sets the bot's home channel.

    .idle on/off : Turns idle messages on or off.

    .setidle <message> : changes the idle message.

    .idletype [quote, mp3, uptime, msg, message] : Changes the idle type setting.

    .idletime [minutes] : Changes the time between idle messages.

    .block <username>: If filtering is on, blocks messages from that username(s). Accepts wildcards (*)

    .filter <message> : If filtering is on, messages containing this phrase will be blocked.

    .whispercmds : Toggles whispering of command responses. If they're on, they get turned off by the command, and vice versa.

    .profile <username> : Displays any user's profile to the channel. WARNING: If a person's description is more than one line long, it will not be displayed, and if it's log enough it will DISCONNECT THE BOT! Use with caution.

    .greet <message> : Sets the channel join greeting message.

    .greet off : Disables the channel join greeting message.

    .levelban <level> : Sets or eliminates the current Warcraft III LevelBan level.

    .d2levelban <level> : Sets or eliminates the current Diablo II LevelBan level.

    .clist/.clientbans/.cbans: Displays the current ClientBans.

    .cadd <client> alias .addclient : Adds a ClientBan.

    .cdel <client> alias .delclient : Removes a ClientBan.

    .koy on / off : Enables/disables Kick-On-Yell.

    .plugban on / off / status : Enables/disables/displays the status of banning of users with UDP plugs (flags of 16).


    .join <channel> : Joins the specified channel.

    .home alias .joinhome : Joins the bot's home channel.

    .resign : The bot relinquishes ops.

    .setname <name> : Sets the bot's username to <name>.

    .setpass <pass> : Sets the bot's password to <pass>.

    .setserver <server> : Sets the bot's server to <server>.

    .quiettime <on>, <off>, <status> alias .qt : Enables, disables, or displays the status of QuietTime. (QuietTime bans any users who aren't safelisted and talk.)

    .giveup <username> alias .op :Designates, then resigns ops to the specified user.

    .readfile <filename> : Reads a specified text file. The file must be present in the bot's folder.

    .chpw <arguments> : Channel Passwording commands are as follows:

    -- .chpw on <password> : Activates channel passwording and sets the password to <password>. If no delay has been previously set, it will use the default 30 seconds.
    -- .chpw off / kill : Deactivates channel passwording and erases the channel password.
    -- .chpw delay <value> : Sets the amount of time given to whisper a valid password (in seconds).
    -- .chpw info : Displays the current status of channel passwording.

    .ib <arguments> / .idlebans <arguments> : IdleBan arguments are as follows:

    -- .ib on <optional delay> : Activates IdleBans. If no delay is specified, the default of 400 will be used.
    -- .ib off : Disables IdleBans.
    -- .ib delay <value> : Sets the amount of time before idle users are banned (in seconds).
    -- .ib status : Displays the status of idlebans.


    .quit : Quits the program.

    .locktext : Locks the chat window.

    .efp/.floodmode on/off/status : Emergency Floodbot Protection, covered below.


    How to use the Custom Commands system! I know I'm gonna get quite a few emails on this one..

    .cmdadd <r> <w> <a>

    <r> = Required access to use the command, between 0 and 999. (For public commands like !help, use 0.)
    <w> = Command keyword
    <a> = Actions to take if a user uses the command

    The custom commands are used like other bot commands, ".commandword arguments".
    This system is very similar to zDSBot's system.
    You can use unlimited arguments in your custom commands; number them accordingly. Argument 1 would be %1, Argument 2 is %2 and so on.

    You can define another line by using "& " in your command. Please note THERE MUST BE A SPACE after the &.

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    .cmdadd 50 argtest Argument 1: %1& Argument 2: %2& Argument 3: %3

    <Stealth> .argtest First Second Third

    <StealthBot> Argument 1: First
    <StealthBot> Argument 2: Second
    <StealthBot> Argument 3: Third

    Notice how the "& " breaks up lines. You can theoretically achieve something like 32,000 arguments (%32767).

    Now the classic UltimateBot command:

    .cmdadd 50 serve /me pours a refreshing glass of %rest& /me hands the glass to %1, compliments of %0 :)

    <Stealth> .serve Mad Pepsi One

    <StealthBot pours a refreshing glass of pepsi>
    <StealthBot serves the pepsi to Mad, compliments of Stealth :)>

    %0 stands for the user who executed the command.
    %1 is the first argument, or the person being served.
    %rest is the rest of the message, after the highest-numbered argument you used in making the Custom Command.
    In this case, what you want to serve to them.


    Emergency Floodbot Protection


    When EFP is activated:

    -The message queue is completely disabled. No messages except controlled anti-floodbot '/ban's are sent to
    -Because the queue is disabled, all commands that deal with additions to files such as the safelist, tagban list or shitlist will still function. Any that need to send messages to, EXCEPT .UNBAN, won't work.
    -Any user that joins the channel and is not safelisted will be banned immediately.

    It has been tested against both old and new floodbots with excellent success rates. I will continue to update EFP as floodbots evolve to help defend against them.

    The EFP Commands: ALL require 100 access.

    .efp on/.floodmode on - Enables EFP.
    .efp off/.floodmode off - Disables EFP.
    .efp status/.floodmode status - If EFP is disabled, the response will display in the channel; otherwise it will be displayed in the bot window.
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    dude this would all be very very useful but umm slight problem...i dont got a bot:)and umm can u get booted if you use it too much?
    can u get arrested or somn like that too?
    ;)damnit he got me in the eye
    Aha! I took off his leg!
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    Well if you notice the forum is for Clan GsVi.... As far as I know your not in GsVi so this doesnt apply to you.
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    Hmm, thats a nice guide. Even im confused when it comes programing stealthbot. GJ, RiX. Err... when i get home ill look this thread over again, and if its really good then my skim through it. I might ask you to copy it to my hacks section. ^^
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    It has been tested against both old and new floodbots with excellent success rates. I will continue to update EFP as floodbots evolve to help defend against them...THANKS FOR SHARING
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