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    Bringer of the Light

    history of the blade

    O yes , that's a time that i remeber
    the war raged against the humans and the orcs and the undead and the nightelfs found it diffucult to survive, so they called upon the greatest of Champions. Thats where I enter the story , I was a young , stubbish demonhunter with the passion to survive.I didnt even know people needed my help untill i saw the Owl , he spoke to me : "for the grace of Elune you must come with me , demonhunter" enough reason , i immediately followed the owl where we landed in a destroyed village. I looked at the dead (half-eaten) bodies of the slayed brethren and said :"undead, prepare to get thunder" As I was correct. A whole squad of skeletons rised from the earth with only one passion : to destroy me . a hard fight began , where i time after time got seriously ingured. After a half houre i defeated the skeletons , but i had lost all my mana and was weak and ingured and i knew that the ud woud return. There was little hope for me . Suddenly i saw a dark spire in the air that was getting bigger and bigger , i tought :" plz let it be not true" as it was . A laughing Dreadlord mocking at me arrised from the spire with the words : "here ends yourcampaign , Bringer of the Light , even before it has started . You will no longer pose a threath to the great Scourge" , as i saw he pulled out his dark long nails who woud rip me to shreds i fealth something weird, a feeling that i never had experienced before . Suddenly i got tremendeous power and right when the dreadlord was gonna strike , i stopped his attack with my blade. laughing i said :"i live to fight another day" while i ripped the cold , black heart of the dreadlord out and threw it in the gutter. Still i was asking myself : "what was that feeling" and suddenly i saw a keeper , The Keeper Of The Grove, it was Cenarius . "my young one" he began "you have been given a mission,it will be a hard task and you will be facing death alot of times " i creeped closer and lissened to his words

    end of part I

    -edit :sry for the f*** up spelling , im too lazy to correct it