2v2's how to counter Orcs? (RoC)

Discussion in 'Warcraft Strategy Guides' started by vhx, Oct 13, 2006.

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    Oct 13, 2006
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    So my friend and I have been playing 2v2's recently and when it comes to Orcs we simply can't beat them. (Even with just 1 Orc on their team)

    Usually our combo is NE(me)/Undead. Every game with Orcs, we have lost, the majority of the problem is Bloodlust. It's just so Imba it turns the tide of battle so easily. I have tried massing Dryads for the abolish but it really doesn't help much since Dryads are very weak and dispel fairly slowly compared to buffing of Bloodlust. Even if we have a massive force against theres, they still come out with the win because Bloodlust is just owning everything. Throw in some healing totems and its damn impossible.

    Any ideas? Should we just give up and go with an Orc combo and do Shamans?